FAQ Topics: <span>About the Whole-Body Diffusion examination</span>

FAQ Topics: About the Whole-Body Diffusion examination

How much does the examination cost?

The standard cost of the Whole-Body Diffusion examination is €1,200 (rate in force from 01/01/2023). It is possible to book the DWB examination complete with consultation and radiological visit with Professor Giuseppe Petralia at the cost of €1,400 (rate in…

How are any findings of the DWB classified?

They are classified as established by the international ONCO-RADS guidelines, which stands for Oncologically Relevant Findings Reporting and Data System: ONCO-RADS category 1: normal findings ONCO-RADS category 2: very likely benign findings ONCO-RADS category 3: probably benign findings ONCO-RADS category…

How do I receive the report?

The report can be collected at the Centre from Monday to Friday from 9 AM to 6 PM or can be sent by courier to the address of residence or other address given during acceptance on the day of the…

I have other questions. Who can I contact?

For further information or questions, you can send an email to: or fill out the form leaving your contact details. We will arrange a telephone appointment or answer any doubts/questions/queries. Or, call +39 035 0433106

How often is it advisable to repeat the DWB?

It is recommended to repeat DWB every 12 months, in order to maximise the benefits of early cancer detection. This is already the case for standard screening offered by Public Health and managed with the general practitioner (mammography and Pap…

How long does the examination last?

The actual length of the examination, from the time of placing the person inside the machine, is about 30-35 minutes. All in all, the investigation takes approximately one hour, taking into account the admission practices, the preliminary interviews with the…

Is it necessary to prepare somehow?

No, the DWB examination does not require any preparation. It is not necessary to fast or prepare in any specific way before the examination. You can resume normal activities immediately after the test.