ASC Italia S.r.l. has its origins in the passion and commitment of a group of entrepreneurs who have long been leaders in the fight against cancer. They have embraced the idea, widely shared in the medical and scientific communities, that the cure for many tumours is best achieved through prevention in healthy people.

Advanced Screening Centers – ASC Italia is an innovative start-up that provides technical and clinical experience learnt in years of research at European Institute of Oncology (IEO) to the public with oversight by the same doctors that developed this advanced technology.

ASC Italy is a social enterprise, whose mission is to promote the culture of oncological prevention: for this, the company has established that potential profits will be re-invested to expand our services with new machinery and reducing examination price, in a way that it can be available to an ever larger part of the population.


ASC Italy is a spin-off based on scientific and clinical research at the European Institute of Oncology (IEO), which was founded by Umberto Veronesi.

The organization and specificity of this initiative in words of the President Piera Esposito:


The ASC project was inspired by a magazine article, in which they talked about IEO(the European Institute of Oncology), the potential of the Diffusion Whole Body Examination, and the need for greater resources in cancer research.

This inspired the Mazza family to start a process that has grown into in the creation of ASC Italy and its first Imaging Center near Bergamo.

A history of social innovation and entrepreneurship.



The medical staff of the ASC Centre works as a team to achieve excellence in the early diagnosis of cancer with the Diffusion Whole Body examination. It is composed of our:

Medical Director, responsible for all aspects of medical activities within the Centre.
Specialist radiologists from IEO – the European Institute of Oncology in Milan who are responsible for the clinical supervision and reporting dsof all examinations. They have contributed to the development of DWB and have years of experience in its use in clinical routine.
Radiologists, present in the center, who assist our guests at every stage of the examination. The radiologist collects the guest’s clinical history, assesses any safety issues, monitors the exam as it progresses, and verifies the quality of the images prior to completion of the exam..
Radiology technicians, specifically trained at IEO – European Institute of Oncology in Milan in the acquisition of Diffusion Whole Body images. They welcome the guest, take care of his or her positioning on the RM machine bed, and carry-out the examination. During the examination, the techs interact with the guest, maintaining constant audio and visual contact.


The Scientific Committee has advisory and support functions for clinical-scientific activities at ASC. In cooperation with the Centre’s Management, its aims to disseminate the results achieved in through scientific research and scientific-social promotion activites. The Committee is entrusted with the tasks of examining and developing research projects, identifying guidelines and promoting exchanges with other national and international institutions.

Anwar R. Padhani

Honorary lecturer at the University College of London, Dr. Padhani is radiologist internationally recognized for his work in oncological MRI. He is currently responsible for the magnetic resonance imaging department and Head of Imaging Research at Paul Strickland Scanner, Mount Vernon Cancer Center, Northwood.

Giuseppe Petralia

Researcher at the University of Milan, Dr. Petralia is a radiologist at the European Institute of Oncology in Milan. He is one of the European radiologists with most experience and knowledge of the Diffusion Whole Body technqiue. He is author of numerous articles and scientific communications in national and international medical journals.

Massimo Bellomi

Director of the Radiology Division at the European Institute of Oncology in Milan, and Associate Professor of the University of Milan, Prof. Bellomi is one of the leading European experts in diagnostic oncology imaging and a pioneer of the concept of image-based screening, having promoted the first study in Italy for the screening of lung cancer in healthy smokers.

Antonio Curnis

Associate professor at the University of Brescia and Head of the Laboratory of Electrophysiology and Electrostimulation of Civili Brescia Hospitals, he is famous worldwide for having implanted the first wireless pacemakers and continues to be at the forefront of the treatment of heart disease.


The Ethical Committee aims to ensure the protection of the rights, safety and well-being of all those who participate in the activites of ASC. It organises regular meetings with our doctors and staff, and promotes an interdisciplinary dialogue in order to evaluate the ethical and scientific merit of our medical protocols and the practice of the diagnostic centre, and to express it views and opinions on these activities. The committee also promotes meeting and training activities.

Evelino Barcella

A Doctor and for many years Medical Director at the Sarnico Ospice, Dr. Barcella reconfirmed
all his dedication to protecting people’s health by putting himself at the complete disposal
of the Community, with professionalism and seriousness, in a completely beneficial way also
on the occasion of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Gianpaolo Sala

The Chairman of m-dis Distribuzione Media S. p. A., he has always been professionally engaged in the publishing world, in particular in the distribution of books and periodicals, working in the main Italian companies in the sector, he follows with interest initiatives of social communication.

Mons. Pierino Sacella

A general of the Alpines, now in retirement, he is a person of great culture, and now serves as a highly ranked manager within the Catholic Church. A priest out of the ordinary, he is concrete and says what he thinks of his people. He has carried out several important works. and demonstrated himself capable of transforming his parish from being closed to one of the most frequented.

Giovanni Licini

Giovanni Licini is the creator and founder of the Academy of Sport for Solidarity in Bergamo, considered by the institutions an irreplaceable example for the territory. A generous and hearted man, available and tenacious, he works hard to create important solidarity projects, reaching important goals annually in support of the most needy and fragile people.