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From December in Castelli Calepio – Bergamo – Italy

ASC aims to introduce advanced cancer prevention into the normal lifestyle of healthy individuals, by offering cutting-edge, non-invasive magnetic resonance imaging examinations.


Advanced Screening Centres: why you can trust us.

ASC Italy S.r.l. (Advanced Screening Centers – ASC) has its origin in the passion and commitment of a group of entrepreneurs who have long been leaders in the fight against cancer. They have embraced the idea, widely shared in the medical and scientific communities, that the cure of many tumours is best achieved through prevention in healthy people.

Advanced Screening Centres: trust through research.

 Years of research by leading medical scientists and radiologists at the European Institute of Oncology (IEO) has led to the development of Diffusion Whole Body (DWB), a non-invasive examination performed using the latest generation MRI technology, that permits exploration of the human body in a few minutes with a resolution that allows tumours as small as a few millimetres to be identified without using radiation or contrast agent.

Starting in the autumn of 2016, DWB is available at the ASC Centre in Castelli Calepio, in the Italian province of Bergamo.

ASC’s goal is to play an active role in promoting the culture of cancer prevention. To do so, our company statutes specify that profits will be re-invested to create of other centres in Italy and to reduce the cost of the examination in order to make it as widely accessible as possible.